The hybrid work model

I was scrolling through the news the other day, and I read Sundar Pichai’s, the Google CEO’s, opinion on working 3 days in the office and 2 at home. Sundar explained it as a “good balance” for employees, and I realized that this is exactly what I’ve been doing for a while now, and it’s perfect!


We offer pre-seed investments

The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative is a program of Wiccon Invest AB engaged to help entrepreneurs take their product to market and become an unicorn company.


Staycation by Wiccon

Our team around Europe got a new cool cooling bags before the summer to be able to pick up the picknick pace.


Wiccon Invest closes a round during Covid-19

Hello, a message from the CEO. Not all news is good news; Wiccons pre-seed investment company and currently the owner of the Wiccon Production Group closed a small round without reaching its goal.


A round - stopped

Wiccon Invest AB who Owns Wiccon AB at 100 % had a round planned this winter/Spring combined between existing owners and new owners.


Covid-19 is here to stay - a while

This is a somewhat short and simple message, Wiccon will work from home and over time shorten our days.


So Cool! Web Summit held in Portugal in November 2019

Wiccon brought 6 people to the Web Summit - the geeks' paradise, and to our surprise, we saw the number of excellent managers and sales on-site.


Tango for us is not a dance on roses

In the past year, we have built complex systems similar to CRM systems. But unlike CRM, the system can be used in specific industries, such as the remittance industry. Read more below.


Plusius owns Zulu

During this winter, you will become acquainted with Zulu, which is one of our systems that have now given a name and its own company.


New recruits

Our recruitment results were excellent, and we had the opportunity to hire two programmers, one from England and one from Italy.


Qmoments - creative competition

During November we launched Q Moments, the company's mission is to produce photos, enlargements but also do that little extra that we have prepared as best we can. Soon, "finliret" begins.


Collaborations and the best start to your business!

Our long-term plan right now is part acquisitions and minority ownership in start-ups. Over the years, we have built start-ups where a few stand out internationally.


Great Strategic Cooperation with Strateg

Wiccon and Strateg, which are part of the Diplomat Group, started a new strategic partnership after some very fantastic talks. Both companies consider each of one as part of their work family.


Alarm 2.0

At the end of 2016, Wiccon was contacted by an alarm company that supplies private individuals, municipalities and the defense industry with software solutions for alarms in different locations.



As you know, the GDPR is under development, which means that all old systems, up to the data stored on paper, are new regulations. It has a broad scope, so there is still a lot to go.


FinTech and integration with banks

Regarding the latest developments at Wiccon, our business focuses on financial technology and integration with banks, international payments, and complex real-time cash flows ... well, yes ... it sounds complicated, so let's take a look at it and perform segment analysis.


Security app

In the late winter, early spring, we have started a collaboration with a security company that works with personal protection through the social constructions that exist around every person.


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