Great strategic cooperation with Strateg

Wiccon and Strateg, which are part of the Diplomat Group, started a new strategic partnership after some very fantastic talks. Read more below.


Great Strategic Cooperation with Strateg

Wiccon and Strateg, which are part of the Diplomat Group, started a new strategic partnership after  some very fantastic talks. Both companies consider each of one as part of their work family.

With this partnership, Wiccon will have access to 110 creative designers, art directors and generally fantastic people for those times when our clients need the "little extra" when it comes to thoughtful and planned design.

You know when colors and tech move are in perfect harmony, when the beautiful button actually does as intended. Well, we already did it, but now we do it with close communication with 110 new people and with less time wasted between teams. This is translated in benefits for the customer which are faster production time from drawing board to prototype.

Strateg has expressed its delight in having access to a team of developers from Wiccon who create and build advanced stuff. We can say that our puzzle pieces match perfectly!


The hybrid work model


Security app


FinTech and integration with banks



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