Unicorn-Saurus Rex initiative

is a program of Wiccon Invest targeting young entrepreneurs at a pre-seed stage of creating a digital solution. We are committed to finding, investing in, and incubating the next potential Unicorn seed.




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The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative is a program of Wiccon Invest offering pre-seed investments to young entrepreneurs who have great start-up ideas and ambitions. The pre-seed injection ranges up to 200.000 EUR in technical investment such as consultancy, expertise, logistics, planning and management, or in capital investment for a faster go-to-market and scale-up.

We are investing in founders from around the world translating our collaboration into strong partnerships. Every partner of ours receives support, clients, further maintenance and product development as we are all dedicated to the mission of becoming unicorn-saurus rexes.


Have you got a future-driven start-up idea? Apply for the program by sending us a message describing your product.



Wiccon invest

What can you benefit from?

With our extensive experience in building financial systems for pay in, pay out and asset management, we focus on digital solutions that would benefit in this regard from our in-house intangible assets and knowledge.


We have a team of experts in financial systems, compliance, security software, gaming, and identification software development. 

Financial partner

If your start-up idea requires a financial system for pay in, pay out or asset management, we already possess in-house intangible assets helpful for maximizing your business model feasibility.

Maintenance and QA

Growing a scale-up into an unicorn takes commitment to product maintenance and improvement. We make sure your digital solutions are advancing in functionalities and quality.

Capital investments

We offer pre-seed investments in capital or sweat equity. Our goal is to help your future-driven digital product to penetrate the market and serve it at a high level of utility. 

Success stories

Transfer Galaxy

Transfer Galaxy is the first participant in Wiccon’s start-up program "The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative". The Start-up received long hours of collaborative work, including weekend days, as the goals of the entrepreneurs were high and many. 

In 2019, the company registered 5.5 MEUR in revenue, and in 2023 that number was 17 MEUR the company has been valuated to >1 billion SEK. Transfer Galaxy is a remittance and cross border funds forwarding platform enabling money sending between African countries and Europe.

Success stories


The product has received sizable financial and technical investments for the mission to serve as an identity verification software useful for companies that need a reliable KYC solution.

Verifiero uses smart techniques for verifying a person who signs a contract, navigates a website for adults, or any other business related procedures requiring trust that the person signing up for a digital service is the real person.

Success stories


Tango is Wiccon's Remittance Service and Transaction Monitoring System with predefined rules for processing and storing KYC / AML and sensitive personal data. The system facilitates the funds transfers for payment institutions to process customer information and its compliance processes in a structured manner.

We have started to develop Tango as a remittance service in 2014 with an investment of more than 100 000 EUR from Wiccon Invest. In 2021, the system continues to be useful to a considerable number of money service businesses and payment institutions.

Success stories


Plusius is a joint venture between Wiccon Invest and VND Scandinavia who together embarked on the creation of a financial Institution of the highest class serving the global community with FX and escrow functionality for cross border trade of goods and services.

Plusius attracts the biggest and most complex enterprises out there and is today known to start where the PSP's end.

Success stories


SafetyNet alarms has received 50 000 EUR in capital investments and in technical investments. The company was boosted to go-to-market and was later acquired.

Success stories


Griply is an app with games and tournaments available for both iOS and Android. Wiccon has partnered with Griply in 2020, when three female startupers have jumped into a traditionally male industry, with great ideas and initiatives for the product. The start-up has received a sizable investment in sweat equity before our exit in 2023.

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