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The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative is a program of Wiccon Invest AB committed at building unicorn companies by providing them with IT services and capital investments.


We offer pre-seed investments

The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative is a program of Wiccon Invest AB engaged to help entrepreneurs with technical investments such as consultancy, expertise, logistics, planning and management, and with capital investments for a faster go-to-market and scale-up. 

We have a team of experts in financial technology, laws and regulations, compliance, security, gaming, and identification. Until today, our professionals have developed a large number of products with complex solutions that have made companies success stories, and we continue on this path with them. 

We are investing in founders from around the world translating our collaboration into strong partnerships. Every partner of ours receives support, clients, further maintenance and development as we are all dedicated to the mission of becoming unicorn-saurus rexes. 


Between some of our partners encounter:

Transfer Galaxy, the first participant in Wiccon’s start-up program “The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative”, has received sizable investments in sweat equity and long credit times during 2014-2015. In 2020, the company registered more than 5 500 000 EUR in turnover. Transfer Galaxy is a remittance and cross border funds forwarding platform enabling money sending between African countries and Europe. 

SafetyNet alarms has received more than 50 000 EUR in capital investments, and consulting, design and office space services in technical investments. The company was boosted to go-to-market and today it continues to grow as a prosperous enterprise. 

Petkeeper is a start-up that has received 100 000 EUR in sweat equity. The mobile app solves a fundamental need of finding someone to take care of someone else’s dog while the owner is away. Today the service is launched in Sweden and we have the Bank-ID integrated for maximum security and insurance.

Q-moments is a digital printing tool that has received 100 000 EUR in capital investments to turn the concept to corporate structure for private individuals and own shares of an already existing concept/group, which at the time of the investment had a turnover of approximately 13 500 000 EUR as a group. Q-moments is an easy way for private customers to get photos sent to their home. Later the company was merged with Posteryard. 


Today, as we have built financial systems for pay in, pay out and asset management, we focus on pre-seed investments for projects that would benefit from our in-house intangible assets and knowledge. 

Have you got a start-up idea that involves payment systems? Or any other innovative solutions? Let’s discuss it.


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