What we do

With our vast experience in developing fintech products, we choose to specialize in developing digital solutions that relate to this industry, as well as security, identification and gaming.


Product design

Wiccon's professional designers boost your business with stunning and friendly user interfaces for your solutions. We hand over brand designs, brand identity, custom prototyping, A/B testing, and UI/UX design services. Our team helps startups and enterprises to increase KPI, boost sales with consistent and appealing frames. Having years of experience in helping businesses craft responsive and catchy designs, we transmit your company philosophy to the customers.

Our graphical designers team create responsive, catchy, and SEO optimized website solutions. As well as app design, mobile app custom design for iOS and Android, logo and banner design, brandbook for your company identity, branding guidelines, Liquid and Hi-Fi prototypes, and visual design concepts. All to meet your business requirements and deliver a professional product.






Development & quality assurance

If you need to increase conversion or to improve brand awareness, we know how to build a great website to realize your goals. Wiccon designs and develops responsive, user friendly and fast websites. Should it be landing pages, web apps, catalog websites or corporate websites, we have a full in-house arsenal to realize the project. Contingent to your business goals, for instance, gathering visitors’ data, converting visitors into leads, promoting products and services or engaging your employees and attracting new candidates, we help your business with digital solutions.

Wiccon is the go-to partner for mobile application development services. We create from single function MVPs to consumer applications, along with UX/UI design, prototyping, testing and support. With an experience of more than 100+ successful projects, our specialists know how to efficiently structure backend work with a frontend design. During our 10 years experience on the market we have built mobile apps from simple to complex domain-specific enterprise solutions for fintech, gaming, retail and plenty of other industries. We proved to be extremely competent in system integration and backend development to connect API-based services to an app, securing the data exchange or payments with a seamless authentication process and KYC. Users are our focus and to satisfy their app experience is our mantra. For all these, the quality assurance team safeguards that your software is secure and bugless.






Project management

Working with Wiccon you will always have full transparency into the project status. The project manager is your point of contact, responsible for controlling project planning, deadlines and budget. We make sure that every hour is spent efficiently, hence the project manager is managing the team according to your goals. This service is offered to save your time and have things under control, as well as to inform you when attention is needed. 

Wiccon cares about the needs and wants of our clients. We engage in advising and consulting to make the path to a successful launch easier and faster.





Fields we are specialised in

Wiccon is the go-to partner for systems development that relate to financial technology, CRM, remittance, client funds management, funds forwarding, identification and similar.

Fintech and all kind of platforms where private persons or companies exchange money with each other for services is where we have our home field advantage. Along with fintech, we have a large know-how in developing solutions for anti-money laundering, KYC, data protection, security and user identification. Gaming is a more recent industry we became passionate about due to the always changing market trends, gaming innovations, and the financial solutions coming in hand with it.

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Fintech is our strongest area we work within; we develop systems that handle money or transactions at a high rate. It can be anything from Uber to Swish or the start-ups we built from scratch like Transfer Galaxy and Plusius.


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We build tournament games and systems where users can compete, play, and access their earnings. Our experts can create gaming projects from scratch or remodel and update your existing solutions.

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We provide security solutions for your applications and systems to stay protected against security attacks such as agents, viruses or malicious code. Our experts detect your software security vulnerabilities and fix them accordingly.

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We create digital identification solutions to verify user existence. Our professionals build strong KYC and AML mechanisms to prevent any atypical behavior.

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