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With our vast experience in developing fintech products, we choose to specialise in digital solutions that relate to this industry, as well as security and identification. 


Development - Second Opinion

How many start-ups fail because of a failed first purchase of that MVP? To be frank, a lot, and we don't know how many. The early stage investors like Wiccon Invest know all too well that this is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome in the beginning. Capital Raising is of course the hardest.

As an investor we often see where you are on your journey, if you have not yet created your MVP - half of our Due Diligence will rest on your ability and experience of purchasing software solutions as well as project managing. The result is otherwise the reason why your product never launches.

The founders of Wiccon Invest have a vast experience in building technology from the ground up, as a partner we weigh in on all decisions and management areas of your MVP creation. Let's face it, most of the successful entrepreneurs we face want the company to change the world, not to become a specialist in purchasing software.

Board Member

As an Investor in pre-seed and seed stage, Wiccon Invest always wants a seat on the Board of Directors. We want to make sure that all the hygiene factors are in place when you reach a certain size and that the financial models is readable and understandable.

With full transparency, we ourselves have been the entrepreneurs in that position with very complex flows and failed. After 15 years of experience on some of our individuals we can honestly say we have failed enough to have become very good.

Regarding governance as a whole - it is crucial when the companies we invest in starts to seek late stage seed round or later.

Project management

A young team can't do everything at once, when you get that extra funding there is a lot of things that needs to be done without hiring the first person you come across.

As an Investor we help with managing, hands-on. We do it for both equity and pay - depending on the category of help. We firmly believe that money raised should go to selling and scaling of your business and a helping hand shouldn't cost too much.


Fields we are specialised in

Wiccon Invest is the go-to partner for companies within financial technology, deep tech and technology around Cyber Security and Information Security.

Fintech and all kind of platforms where private persons or companies exchange money with each other for services is where we have our home field advantage. Along with fintech, we have a large know-how in managing solutions for anti-money laundering, KYC, data protection, security and user identification

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Fintech is our strongest area we work within; we invest in companies that handle money or transactions at a high rate. It can be anything from a platform like Uber or the start-ups we built from scratch like Transfer Galaxy, Tango AML and Plusius.


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We no longer invest in gaming companies, we do however seek the platforms for portfolio benefits regarding payments and the KYC with monitoring that comes with the space.

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Cyber- and Information security is booming and we have an extra eye on that sector. We welcome pitches within these two fields.

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We invest in digital identification solutions to verify user existence. We seek strong KYC and AML companies that can change the game and make life easier for people and businesses around the world.

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