Investing in fintech & security

We are engineers, finance and legal professionals investing in tomorrow’s unicorns with strong software solutions and talented entrepreneurs.

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Leverage Wiccon's expertise in digital transformation to grow your fintech, security or identification software solutions for your business. With us, you get a partner that knows how to nurture a start-up.

Partner with wiccon INVEST

With more than 50 satisfied clients, Wiccon Invest helps entrepreneurs to get ready for the Seed- or A Round which has created numerous successful companies that have started their journey with us.

Wiccon Invest supplies Management Consulting and hands on resources to manage companies and can help you find a board member or even man the position as CEO from our colleagues.

With Wiccon Invest as a partner we look at your entire business from a management perspective and consult the entrepreneurs to create a solid base to build a future success on.

Why choose us?

We are experts, not amateurs

Wiccon offers its customers a wealth of technical and business expertise. We have a team passionate about what they do for more than 10 years experience, each well-educated in Math, Computer Science, or Finance and Legal. Wiccon follows industry’s best practices and standards being in line with the always changing market trends.


Excellent service, not just investment

Wiccon proved to be a reliable technical partner for non-technical entrepreneurs. We believe in relationship building, caring about your business goals. Thus, we provide project management, elaborating and generating ideas, not just investments. We work fast and agile, and make sure you don't buy the wrong product from your development partners or simply develop the wrong service.


Looking for a reliable partner?

Drop us a line to discuss your software solution, ideas and our partnership opportunities! There is a good chance we have worked with reliable development companies that specialises in your field.

















services we offer

We invest in tomorrow's unicorns within fintech and security.

Our portfolio includes Financial Institutions, Deep Tech Compliance tools, KYC suppliers, Biometric tools, Payments for the auto industry, Personal Security and a company that supplies a software/hardware solution to curb industry espionage within sensitive industries.


What we do

Development - Second Opinion

Paying the right price? Taking the right path? Using the right path? Market fit? Is you MVP actually a MVP? One of our most frequently asked questions is around assessing what tech to purchase from a third party development company and how to write the contracts.

Board Members

Wiccon Invest as a partner - an external board professional will send a message to your investors in later stages that the business governance can be trusted and will be more likely to invest. Wiccon Invest has put our own staff on a Board Position in companies we invest in or simply help finding external board professionals.

Interim CEO

When a company is growing, being a CEO is all about policy's and setting up the direction of the company. More often than one might think the early stage entrepreneurs chooses to build their company, product or focus on the famous Sale and Scale phase while handing over the CEO position for hands-on governance by an experienced CEO.

We invest in your start-up

The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative is a program of Wiccon Invest designed for young entrepreneurs who have groundbreaking tech ideas and plan on launching digital solutions. Wiccon Invest selects partners for financial and technical investments building long-term relationships, simultaneously offering consultancy, support and product maintenance.


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