Umbraco Oktoberfest 2014-09-16

Umbraco Konferens Frankfurt 2014

Manny has chosen to write it in english due to the international audience visiting the Swedish version of this site.


It is very important for a developer to attend different programming events. Wiccon has always been very positive to gain and share the knowledge.

This kind of learning events have a very positive effect on developer’s knowledge and confidence.
I learn a lot from these events as you get the chance to talk and write the code together with other experienced developers and  you exchange the ideas to work smarter and more productive.

Last month I have had a chance to go to Frankfurt, Germany for a great Umbraco conference called “umbOktoberfest”, the biggest Umbraco conference in Germany organized by byte5.

It was a one day event and there were many good sessions based on lectures, demos and of course the best of all the coding sessions. Speakers were from England, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Germany. It was great to see different approaches to build complex websites on top of Umbraco.

Everyone at the conference was super friendly and sharing the ideas and the knowledge was at its best. And how can we forget to have fun when we learn hard the whole day, thanks to byte5 who arranged a tram party for the umbracians to enjoy the Frankfurt ride.