Mobile app development

Wiccon is the go-to partner for mobile application development services. We create from single function MVPs to consumer applications, along with UX/UI design, prototyping, testing and support. 

Mobile development

The go-to partner

A mobile app today comes in many forms and colors but that is not defining if it is good or not. For 10 years we have built engaging products and services within most areas.

  1. 1. Native apps for iOS, Android and Huawei HMS core
  2. 2. Hybrid apps
  3. 3. Web apps
  4. 4. Multi language
  5. 5. Super start-up apps

The process and method for all our projects implementation is 4D: Discovery, Design, Development, Delivery. This grants you and Wiccon a pre-determined process and milestone map to work with for the duration of this iterative method.

There has historically been a gap in communication between development teams and customers. We believe that this is where we will communicate with customers a little bit extra through a visual process to improve the shortcomings and complete our goals.


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What do you need?

At first we analyse which kind of application you need. Its difficult to get going, and some ways may be more expensive at the beginning, but making the rest of the process effective and having a clear analysis of the next few years will definitely achieve the desired goal!


Full process

On the business side of an application, we will take you from drafting to finished product. We can help you build your platform while clarifying your business priorities! Return on investment is a concept that often comes up in the application world, as it is often designed to simplify or increase sales of products / services.

How and How much

We all have dreams, and so do Wiccon. But we have to stop at some point with the dreaming and come down-to-earth, stick to our budget, and make sure the app starts. You would usually say that you learned from your mistakes, and we have been doing this for 11 years and most likely we have made all possible mistakes. So we have abundant experience.


Fin-tech APP

A system that has various payment methods and is integrated directly into the cash system is not a limitation for us. Because we have many years of system development knowledge, enough to support the applications we build. If you don't have a clear plan from the start, it can cost you a lot.


Need a mobile application for your idea?

Let's discuss your project and see how we can help you. We also offer technical and capital investments to young entrepreneurs for launching their start-up product successfully. Read more about it here.