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Tango is Wiccon's CRM system with predefined rules for processing and storing KYC / AML and sensitive personal data. That enables the payment institution in the transfer to process customer information and its compliance processes in a structured manner. Therefore, our specialty is a transaction-oriented system for monitoring and reporting all types of transmissions, sales, money management, and currency exchange.

If you are an operator remittance to end customers from one country (domestic remittance) or between countries (international remittance) and you need adequate and structured control over the end customers, then you are a typical customer of Tango system.

What Tango does for you is to integrate end-customer records, including their necessary information, transaction records, and behavioural patterns. Everything complies with the latest KYC / AML rules. 

Tango was created because of the tremendous pressure placed on the control of financial institutions, so we tailored it to make life (and reporting) easier.

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Zulu is Wiccon's payment system. The system was recognised and purchased by Wiccon Invest-Plusius, which owns intangible assets. Thus the order is of the company and has its support structure. The developer and dedicated team are housed within Wiccon and are part of our fantastic team.

Zulu is a complete payment ecosystem, including customer fund management and fund splitting. For companies that need to manage personal funds without a financial institution, Zulu acts as a third-party tool. For example, Zulu is a popular product for those who provide platforms in the gig economy or e-sports. Zulu consists of 3 different parts:

A-"Accessing Money" is one of the most challenging payment methods on the planet.

B- "Keeping funds" This is our client's money management. The actual funds are located in the big banks on our planet, but Zulu is responsible for managing the flow of funds.

C- "Payout" is an essential detail in many systems. If your supplier lives or lives in an underdeveloped banking system, our integrated system can facilitate large transaction payments. For example, a large company with thousands of payrolls in a country where file communications are not working correctly, thus that company needs to have our system to complete that payout.

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Lima is Wiccon's system for the complete laundry and laundry industry, as well as full RFID control of clothing and secure clothing transactions. The system is used in more secure factories and hospitals where infection protection is essential. Like all transactions that occur, we track all clothes by scanning the data chip embedded in the clothes. All clothes then have a predetermined route and a predetermined cycle. Installation usually requires a lot of hardware in trucks, laundries, and factories.

Therefore, the purpose of the system is not to lose uniforms, system can "tag" clothing with a high risk of infection, and can check the location of the garment while knowing who is processing it.


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