Remittance startup

Our History with Transfer Galaxy began in 2014 when Wiccons CEO A. Wickberg received a call from Ali requesting a meeting immediately under the subject "do you make websites that handles money"?

A few days later, we had our first meeting where Wiccon was under the impression we were going to build a webshop or integrate Klarna into something.


-We want to develop the first Scandinavian remittance service that is entirely digital in real-time because we are sick and tired of high fees, standing in long queues for something that is a basic necessity for us!

Well, of course, Wiccons is going to accept a challenge, but at this stage, none of us knew even where to start integrating.


2015-09-05 in the afternoon, we sent our first dollars from Scandinavia to Africa.


Continuous development at a high pace spread out over 5 members of the Wiccon team.


Transfer Galaxy has grown a lot and is one of Wiccon's most successful Unicorn-Saurus Rex companies which since then, is completely self-sufficient, runs their company forward each day with dozens of new employees. New logos/website designs and such. As a proud parent would say, they are all grown up now!


Transfer Galaxy has received sizable investments in sweat equity and long credit times during 2014-2015 in the pre-revenue phase, which is the hardest phase to get through! Transfer Galaxy was the first participant in Wiccons start-up program The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative. Which didn't have a name at the time or structured guidelines? Someone had to go first!


wiccon logotype

Tele: +46-(0)10-33 000 66

Address: Oskarsparken 1

Postadress: 702 12 Örebro, Sweden