SafetyNet is the personal protection - the angel when you need one and maybe the difference between life and death.

Wiccon started working with Safetynets predecessor - SoftAlarm 2.0. You might say this product is 3.0.


Our first task wasn't an easy one, the newly appointed CEO at the time contacted us to check and assess the entire platform since "things wasn't adding up" with how the platform was making money. That part of the company didn't develop and the systems themselves weren't ready for it.


There was a need for an upgrade - since its an alarm and requires constant care, we needed a steady base to continue to build on. We made the entire 2.0 version on a brand new backend and the applications new from scratch as well.


Here starts the future of SafetyNet Alarm in Europe, Joachim Holmqvist former CEO at Verisure (Revir) Sweden was recruited as the new CEO, Malin Humble from Monster Energy Drink is recruited and elected CMO - Wiccon and Andreas Wickberg is support to the board of directors and all members of the board travels to Wiccon HQ in Örebro for its meetings and at the same time say hello to the development team.


SafetyNet alarms has received consulting, design, graphics, office space, and a sizable investment of >50 000 EUR from Wiccon Invest as a part of their participation in Wiccons start-up program. The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative.


wiccon logotype

Tele: +46-(0)10-33 000 66

Address: Oskarsparken 1

Postadress: 702 12 Örebro, Sweden