Q-moments is about quality moments.



Wiccon asked to build a digital printing tool in MVP step one - step "future" is to let everyone else into this print tool.
-Stats show what sales our countries have in terms of printing and home decor for walls and more, even though the industry is shrinking per capita and becoming more competitive, we see that niche and "simple to order" products are gaining more and more parts of the market.

Q-moments can be linked to different production houses - marketed by everyone and we keep a part of the transaction volume. For example, we use an actor for Sweden regarding printing- but have the full opportunity to scale the solution against company printing for other manufacturers. And add completely different routines for other countries.


2020 - it starts.

Q-moments is an easy way for private customers to get photos sent to their home today, all that we wanted to do in 2018-2019 is built already, while we see that a common platform that extends across several countries will be a key in the future. Why make 15 platforms where each company takes 100% of the cost instead of creating one platform where all the 15 partners have 1/15 of the cost. We believe it is a winning concept when the competition is tight.



Wiccon Invest invested about SEK 1 million to turn concept to corporate structure for private individuals and own 33% of the shares from an already existing concept/group, which at the time of the investment had a turnover of approximately SEK 135 million as a group.


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