Once upon a blue moon, you come across that "cool guy" and "sweet girl". The entrepreneur in this case is on fire in terms of passion and on the pro level if nerds were graded. Animals and their well being in the game, the business, the hobby and the appetite. Talk about the heart in the right place.


The service is relatively complex, given its pure nature. The application allows a pet owner to request help taking care of his/her pets. On the other side are the nerds, people who love pets but maybe don't have the means, space or time to have pets of their own on full time. Or they do and walk multiple dogs at once, so much more fun in the park if you have a friend, yes?


The service covers a fundamental need - have you ever tried going on vacation for 3 weeks and tried finding someone to include your pets? That's the point, those cheap airplanes tickets was already bought by someone else while you were trying to find someone to help. This application helps with that.


The most prominent case we found so far is people moving to a new city - and bring their pets - and with few friends and overbooked doggy daycare companies finding someone to care for your pet becomes hard.


Its simple - take a photo of your pet, write an ad about what you want help with and people in your proximity will accept the deal. Today the service has launched in Sweden and we have the Bank-ID integrated for maximum security and insurance.



Petkeeper has received a sizeable investment of 100 000 EUR in sweat equity financed by Wiccon Invest as a part of their participation in Wiccons start-up program The Unicorn-Saurus Rex Initiative.


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