Wiccon Invest closes a round during Covid-19

Hello, a message from the CEO.

Not all news is good news;
Wiccons pre-seed investment company and currently the owner of the Wiccon Production Group closed a small round without reaching its goal.

The goal with the round was to secure new pre-seed and seed capital for our production company to provide sweat equity to potential new partners. The round was small in the span of 2-4.5 million SEK. That would have financed around 5-10 000 sweat equity hours and/or around 1-2 million in equity injection.

When the time was running out we stopped at 38 % coverage of the lower span with the current board members, internal staff including our CFO being the biggest buyers.

In other good news;
we welcome another Investment company as a new investor in Wiccon Invest owned by Tomas Ward, a seasoned investor.

Given the Covid-19's effect on our current investments, the capital raised will primarily go to nurture and further develop the companies already under our wings.


A round - stopped

Wiccon Invest AB who Owns Wiccon AB at 100 % had a round planned this winter/Spring combined between existing owners and new owners.

Wiccon Invest AB has 9 owners.

Wiccon Invest AB raised capital, a new seed round, for one of our startups we are currently invested in. Fintech one. The money raised by internal is a smaller amount under 1 million SEK. The expected external round was at 2-4,5 million SEK.

We have paused this fintech investment and our external round on this course due to Covid-19 and that this particular fintech was very focused on tourism.

A message from our CEO will follow within a few days.

Covid-19 is here to stay - a while


This is a somewhat short and simple message, Wiccon will work from home and over time shorten our days.

If you visit us physically, please follow guidelines and keep a good hygiene.

Stay safe out there!

So Cool!

Web Summit held in Portugal in November 2019.

People were dancing in the streets, cool speakers, all kinds of "nerds," they were party everywhere. At that time, Portugal was an incredibly cool place, exceptionally for the web buzz. 

Wiccon brought 6 people to the Web Summit - the geeks' paradise, and to our surprise, we saw the number of excellent managers and sales on-site.

Calling on European companies- bring the developers here, so that they can participate, a beautiful day with the right motivation. The developers are standing there - the web buzz is for everyone - not just the boss and his sales managers.

Imagine most of Europe's start-ups gathered in one place, investors and CEOs, Managers, and those who are interested. Talk about their business Why they choose to start and what is the future for them.

In short, that is your heaven on earth if you have the right attitude from the start and are interested in situations like this. Enjoy it!!

Tango for us is not a dance on roses

In the past year, we have built complex systems similar to CRM systems. But unlike CRM, the system can be used in specific industries, such as the remittance industry. When people are sending money to their loved ones, the Tango system can help them retain the transfer permission, because when customers register as users, they provide corresponding data and information for the KYC and AML processes. It can help ensure the security of the transfer.

Tango is so multifaceted that it doesn't matter whether the users who made the transfer with the permission of the Financial Supervisory Authority has an intermediary, cash, or digital source. It's still where he sends money as long as you follow the rules and report publicly and ask for all the necessary information and put it in the Tango system. There will be no problem reporting to the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Plusius- What a funny name!

During this winter, you will become acquainted with Zulu, which is one of our systems that have now given a name and its own company.

Zulu will manage client money across national borders for digital platforms. Now you quickly think that it is like Str*** and Pay***, but the answer is Nope. What's new? Well, it's also about the availability of their own money as well as who can receive that money.

Our permits under the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority allow us to do business across the EU as long as our business partner registers in the EU. Furthermore, no matter its customers is anywhere in the world as long as we manage KYC / AML adequately and follow our compliance process, it also can work.

New recruits

Our recruitment results were excellent, and we had the opportunity to hire two programmers, one from England and one from Italy. But we also provide more space, if you want to make progress with us, welcome your letter. We work for innovation, but not always. The main thing is that "effort is the key." As long as the attitude is correct, everything will develop better. That sounds simple. If you are interested in our company, click on the “Career” area for more information.

Poster 3X


Creative competition!

During November we launched Q Moments, the company's mission is to produce photos, enlargements but also do that little extra that we have prepared as best we can. Soon, "finliret" begins.

Wiccon and our customers will need your help, so far it is an unwritten magazine what we will offer to the market. Or ... should we let the market completely build their own products in the app?

Here are the conditions, we want the next "step" to come and for that reason you can email to: fatpenguin@wiccon.se. You can send drawings, sketches and even long explanations.  We will work with huge machines and a silver printer, and also use moisture controlled rooms. The machines used are the ones that can produce a product with the highest quality (premium level). The previous project of Qmoments has sales of just over SEK 120 million.

Submit one or more contributions, those that are voted on are produced by us and published as a product ... You as a creator will be mentioned as the author of the product and we will assign 10% of the sales to you. In other words ... Invent the future of the future and earn money. A simply "hit product" that must be produced on paper.


Send the contribution to fatpenguin@wiccon.se


Collaborations and the best start to your business!

Our long-term plan right now is part acquisitions and minority ownership in start-ups. Over the years, we have built start-ups where a few stand out internationally.

During 2018 we have acquired shares in no less than 8 start-ups!

How is this is happening?

-You assume that you want to build something for SEK 10, but you only have SEK 10 ... In other words, it will be impossible to build the app / system, market and run the company without major problems if production takes your entire budget ... we recognize that!

Wiccon takes part of the investment for the production.We help to build your company where all our past years of experience will be helpful as a bank of knowledge ... at the end, you will have the money to market your idea!

Does this sound like the best way to start an IT startup? (Obviously!)

Contact us and we will hear from you: D


The world's best month

In 2014, a couple of young gentlemen contacted Wiccon in July because they wanted to start a company.

In 2015 we launched their service, and 2 years later (2017), their company was valued at 250 million and raised 30 million in venture capital.

We wish everyone a fantastic summer, soon JULY, you know it is the month when nothing happens! 


Great Strategic Cooperation with Strateg

Wiccon and Strateg, which are part of the Diplomat Group, started a new strategic partnership after  some very fantastic talks. Both companies consider each of one as part of their work family.

With this partnership, Wiccon will have access to 110 creative designers, art directors and generally fantastic people for those times when our clients need the "little extra" when it comes to thoughtful and planned design.

You know when colors and tech move are in perfect harmony, when the beautiful button actually does as intended. Well, we already did it, but now we do it with close communication with 110 new people and with less time wasted between teams. This is translated in benefits for the customer which are faster production time from drawing board to prototype.

Strateg has expressed its delight in having access to a team of developers from Wiccon who create and build advanced stuff. We can say that our puzzle pieces match perfectly!




Alarm 2.0

Warning for happy ending:

At the end of 2016, Wiccon was contacted by an alarm company that supplies private individuals, municipalities and the defence industry with software solutions for alarms in different locations. Many years of service development have resulted in 26 independent parts of the service. As you probably know, old code and development in iterations are drawn on a lot of "Legacy". Therefore, the code and function that may no longer be needed or constructed with a specific purpose has developed into something else. Wiccon's desire was to expand the financial parts for private individuals. The thing about making money from software and being able to make payments in the right way that fits into the business is something that Wiccon has become good during through years in the industry.

Wiccon took apart the system and looked at all the pieces. As a true consultant we always carry with us a promise to add a little spice or highlight things that can be improved with simple methods. In short, we ended up rebranding the entire platform, removing all "Legacy code" by rebuilding the base of the system and being able to use a new server. Currently, the service saves 80% off its server operating costs annually and has started working on a completely new business model for all private individuals.

Wiccon has been asked and accepted to sit as  CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and not only that, we also have a co-ownership in the company. It all started with a simple meeting about a need to start making money from private individuals. It ended with something much bigger and resulted in huge savings which also meant a new start within the company on all levels.

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Rekord är till för att slås

2017 avslutades med att välkomna halva Appends team så Wiccon växte både till antalet anställda men också med kunder. Men vad hände innan? 

Under 2017 har vi sett en av våra start-ups vi byggt passera en kvarts miljard i värdering som växt till sig så pass att de nu snart står helt på egna ben. Wiccon själva kan bravera med att ha en ökad omsättning helt i linje med budget som satts upp. Att få upp resultatet över det röda har arbetats på under hela året med gott utfall.

Vi har helt ändrat vår fakturering både för inkommande och utgående fakturor, inkl. lönesystem men också hur ekonomi hanteras generellt. Våra kunder har helt plötsligt fått nytt utseende på t ex sina fakturor och kanske läser den här texten för att se vad som händer. 
-Det är lugnt, vi har ändrat.

I teamet som vi får in kommer även en senior lagdirigent med, Hans Grönberg. Han kommer ha ett ansvar för att hålla våra leveranser på absolut högsta nivå.

Vi önskar er alla en utvecklande fortsättning och nördigt 2018!

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Wiccon /heart\ Append

Wiccon acquires Append after Append has weighed in and become bankrupt. Wiccon buys Append and lets three specialist skills such as senior system developers, iOS developers ,and Android developers come over to Wiccon.

In the acquisition, Wiccon enters and takes responsibility for all initiated projects and customer relationships but also relationships with staff and more.

We continuously provide news on our facebook page Go to Facebook about the acquisition and the transition. All customers have contacted, and the key people who have worked on the projects now go to Wiccon and or get to join Wiccon's existing team.

Wiccon will now offer a full suite of apps as well as hybrid and Native app development with a more experienced development team. Append is not unknown to Wiccon; they have been to Wiccon's suppliers to date and have provided outstanding services. The difference is that we are now under the same roof.

We meet 2018 with open arms, welcome to contact Wiccon, now even more robust!

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As you know, the GDPR is under development, which means that all old systems, up to the data stored on paper, are new regulations. It has a broad scope, so there is still a lot to go.

When it comes to particular systems and their infrastructure changes that may need to develop, Wiccon is a right choice, contact us regarding this EU directive that few people are aware of.

GDPR is an EU regulation that comes into force for all companies working within the EU or operating with the EU as a market even if the company is outside. GDPR is designed to protect the privacy and personal data. It takes over after the PUL but is not higher in rank than, for example, financial documents that it is lawful to save.

Wiccon's efforts are first and foremost a deep dive into your systems to analyse what you save on today, so we do not look at the data but at the data structure and then suggest a development effort so that you are "on the safe side."


Regarding the latest developments at Wiccon, our business focuses on financial technology and integration with banks, international payments, and complex real-time cash flows ... well, yes ... it sounds complicated, so let's take a look at it and perform segment analysis.

The first example is a beverage factory that produces new beverages. They want to provide free samples at all bars on the planet. Suppose all bars check in all the free samples they distribute, and the beverage factory can pay in one payment regardless of the currency used.

Example two might be traditional transfer participants. Because money has a new way to go, many of them want to add the integration to Swish. Systems like Swish have similar projects around the world. Currently, this is the most integrated company in the world, and they require Wiccon not only to receive and also can pay the money.

The third example might be online betting and its payment channels. No matter which country or region you are shopping, you can receive and transfer funds immediately.

Another increasingly common request we receive and build regularly is our split payment platform - everything from agencies to sites that can serve a lot of stuff on the Internet. 

Of course, this will not jump out of the regular online store. DIBS is an excellent example of our customers using our system every day, from the most straightforward online store to the most massive system.

Time to tie the spring together

Spring has been in the period for development industry, perhaps most internationally and not so much in Sweden.

-In Sweden, Wiccon has customers such as Happynest, our banking transaction customer, and the Swedish Laundry Group in Sweden AB, which have spent most of their time together with a large SBA project. Very high technical challenge on these projects which is really fun.

A spring season where the systems have been at the forefront, we have noticed that numbers of employees have reduced which affected our work environment. Even in small towns, there is almost cannibalism about the right employees. Do we have to act as a society or perhaps also as an industry? -Hope our colleagues in the industry feel the same way and avoid using bad tactics.

We all wish you a pleasant spring, and if you are reading this and have some friends you would like to recommend to Wiccon, just tell them to apply immediately.


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We are recruiting for both front-end and back-end right now. This post is about back-end!

As you already know, we have the winner of region's "Innovation of the Year", which is a title that is spread all over the world and they have a good reputation. In large part because their services have no downtime.

We want you, yes, you do! Who think the impossible is easy, you who believe that an impossible challenge is the most fun there is. Who takes pleasure in the success of things that make others impressed and even jealous!

We have start-ups in security and personal alarms, in fire protection to nuclear power plants. We are recruiting a star who wants to be involved in developing the services of the future, scalable and abundant.

Send the application to jobs@wiccon.se / A. Wickberg - CEO.

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Security app

In the late winter, early spring, we have started a collaboration with a security company that works with personal protection through the social constructions that exist around every person. If you need to use this service you are unlucky, we hope that you will never have to use it but at the same time urge to have it installed on your phone IF the accident has occurred. The customer has had a functioning service since a few years back, which we will update substantially.

"-It is like a condom, I would rather have one and not need it... Then need it and not have one." (Alien vs. Predator, 2004) 

Wiccon enters as pure system developers and replaces all moving parts of the service. The service is communicated through an app out to consumers. This is how personal protection is activated.

That is a perfect example of how we can work with a customer; we start by analysing the entire service and what the customers want. We go through everything from business models to the actual functions, after a couple of UML models and some planning of flows and also suggestions for API structure, we are ready to make progress.

That is what we call a planned development process. It is vital that the customer and we feel secure in what is ordering and what will be delivered. From a technical point of view for this app, we work with one of our suppliers who develop the Native, we, in turn, build the system in C # .NET MVC with a ubiquitous API (albeit very high security).

This kind of system development project is not always common, where you go in and replace everything. There is a lot to think about, especially since we are adding new payment methods and have to take into account existing customers.

We can't go out with a picture and a name yet, but it will!


The Nest

"The Nest by HappyNest".

Sometimes we come across companies that go away, so everything happens quickly in a controlled process. HappyNest is one such company.

HappyNest is a company that, from the simple agency, has taken the step to run several major European brands in the Swedish market with completely insane growth and sales growth. These are the kind of entrepreneurs we all should look out for, so as not to talk about the heroes of the company who are struggling hard to make this growth more than one goal, A REALITY!

Wiccon has developed its new website and is now working on its fully integrated project, "The Nest.” When companies grow strongly like HappyNest, the infrastructure has to keep up. Together with Wiccon, we are now striving to sew together the foundation of the annual model 2017 with everything regarding case management, CRM, and order flow to picking warehouses and factories. HappyNest does not sell itself; almost 500 stores sell their products and a handful of web shops.

HappyNest, how do you recognise HappyNest ... Well ... As we say, you have probably all seen those feather lamps in newspapers and interior design programs. It is something of a signature product from HappyNest's brand called VITA Copenhagen.

The collaboration has been ongoing since the turn of the year, and hopefully, it will continue for many many years ...

(Read more about the lamp)

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Wiccon and AppSpotr, what a trip you can say. We have been friends on the longest of detours. In recent years we have seen several versions of their platform and helped with feedback, relieved each other, and had real fun at various events.

A year ago, quite accurately, the turn of the year 15/16 was severe, and we started to share customers and knowledge. It has been incredibly fun, and we know that it is only the beginning, now the journey is starting well.

2016-12-19, where they listed on the stock exchange and had their first trading day, which ended with a plus, they were each today's most traded share, and at most, they were 50% plus. It is not bad. We know, of course, that it usually storms a little up and down in the beginning.

AppSpotr ran hard on "Game Changer" as a concept during the listing party. The great thing is that there is a lot in it. It is not just another player in the App Market, we who "know this with data" know about Wordpress and how it established itself as CMS just because it is easy to work. Apps are much more complex, and everything around is even more so. AppSpotr solves this problem and has gone from a few roughly a thousand users to passing 200,000 users in the fourth quarter of 2016. GAME CHANGER! That is only the beginning!

We who work with start-ups and build a lot of services at an early stage, everything from banking to other things that are fantastic and scalable, see many underlying "aces in the rock sleeves" with AppSpotr over time. Now Wiccon's work is also bending well with AppSpotr, ie. not just producing unique solutions for customers. (Of course!)

Sweden has a new world player! Congratulations AppSpotr, 10 years later and much money invested, it will go away for real!

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Work at Wiccon

Wiccon works with start-ups;we work to build excellent services and companies and be a valuable and valued partner for continued growth. 

Wiccon offers all other offers such as a gym card, telephone, friendly employees, all insurance, and more according to an agreement with a little extra as medical care. What we offer that we are unique with is our set of customers, we have no government customers or procurements, but all we do are projects and assignments for private players and start-ups.

Wiccon also offers the opportunity to become a co-owner after 24 months. Thus ALL who work at Wiccon receive the offer. It is to become MORE than a regular supplier for our customers over time! We want to build loyalty and a family-friendly environment in the office, which most people know as “self-employed” in a completely different way and with an attitude that reflects our customers.

Is this attractive? Check out our career page and click on C # .NET Developer.

Apply today at jobs@wiccon.se!

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Clothes and personal garments

During most of 2016, we worked on a system commissioned by the Washing Group in Sweden AB. The system has some traditional functions such as basic CRM and order management, but then there is a QR code / RFID part that provides services for the control of personal garments. That's what today's post will be.

The challenge was an industry with 300 employees. All employees have a few sets of clothes and these, in turn, must be checked down to such a level of detail that we need to know where the clothes are in real-time, how many times they washed and that the right person through an access card can check out their clothes.

The solution is that we have QR codes and RFID chips on all garments, ie, about 3000 garments installed by the laundry. All of these then paired with an employment ID. All the clothes then pass about 12 control stations during a cycle of cycling, ie, one turn from washing machine to washing machine.

When a garment is washed, it is sorted into different wagons at the laundry to send to industrial customers. The garments are checked out from laundry by wagons going through a cabinet with antennas that reads all Chipp. Once at the customer's place, the Laundry staff takes and goes through all the garments that have been sorted and distributes them to a large cabinet solution that looks like a bank compartment fixed with Panel-PC mounted on it. Here, the garments are registered as received outside the customer. These cabinets are configured to work together with access cards that all employees carry. That's how they get the clothes. When they are dirty, there is a very advanced dirt basket, which also has antennas in it which notice when the employees throw in their laundry.

What we have been talking about now is just the tip of the iceberg, it is incomplete control, and the clothing loss is almost zero! The industry has full power and "hear and amaze" this is not more expensive for the end customer as all the billing is done with these chips.

We at Wiccon do not know how clean clothes can be so attractive! It is fascinating to work on a project that is slightly different from what we usually do!


Next export product of Wiccon - To Ireland!

The system holds several functions and structures for accounts, customers, statistics, stores, offers and other loyalty-promoting products that need to stamp in a telephone.

We now have a new system for a customer in Ireland. What could be more appropriate than a bar and restaurant product?

One should never stop being amazed at exactly how business gets done. Our Irish customer was sent quite a few steps between both development companies and companies working with traditional coupons before anyone recommended Wiccon who was the first to say the magic phrase "That sounds completely crazy advanced, of course, we should do it! ". After the customer searched in large parts of Europe, we found each other and have now developed the technology. This is a good step and needs to be mentioned in the diary.

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Transfer Galaxy - Making it big time

Wiccon has built a rather new service for some young entrepreneurs. A service that works like Swish, you know, sends money quickly "in the digital jungle cloud" in some magical way.

Läs Artikeln på Breakit 

We are incredibly happy that things are going well and that the world is catching up with them and international fin-tech. We at Wiccon, who work with start-ups to a very high degree, of course, think that it is extra fun when one of our clients whom we have consulted since there was no company succeeds and receives so much attention.

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Really new in a few months

During the spring, we had one of our customers nominated for this year's digital innovation. Transfer Galaxy goes like the train, and we have a lot of new ones coming! We will write a little more about them shortly. We go live next week with a brand new payment provider and a unique design the details about who, what, and how are still secret. The designer is a freelance player who has proven to be extremely talented and works across most of the world. That is an insight into Fin-tech; it's enjoyable to see and be. Security is top-notch, and we also get the pleasure of working with some other prominent organisations around the world.

The equestrian sport will be able to use new tools. We conducted the first two tests in pipeline engineering and had feedback bouts with coaches and students in dressage and jumping. A unique way to transfer money between coaches and students, and it also involves moving images! The client is Australian, a fascinating guy, and almost always happy! He wants everything to be okay, and the services we provide together seem to be consistent with our next nomination for this year's digital innovation in Sweden.

The laundry system sounds interesting. I think none of us at Wiccon would have understood how the laundry industry works if we had not been in the middle of a process of delivering a more extensive laundry system to a group in Sweden. The complete administrative system from driving schedules controlled via GPS to economy and scheduling of everything from carpets to hotel linen. Once inside a laundry, it is not really what you think, it is big, and there is a lot. and it sounds/rattles most of the time. That is a real production line if you say so. Enjoyable experience, laundry can easily wash 15 tons of laundry a day.

Västerås City has been very socially recurring for us, Appspotr provides our app, and we build the technology ourselves. The technology allows 265 member stores of the city's 514 stores to log in and administer their offers, keep track of stamp cards and present their stores. Several thousand users have already downloaded the app, and a positive trend is gaining momentum! We sat down and folded these 514 envelopes with content by hand with username and password as well as an instruction manual to make sure it was right. We have been on-site and got to know a lot of new shop owners, and it has been a pleasure to share lunch with many of them but also see how a city center works that has high ambitions to become Sweden's best!

During the spring, we also worked with Tormek, who will soon be going live with his brand new page. Tormek is a prominent player in the market for grinding machines. Fantastic goods and stable products, we have been in their factory and tested our own knives, so we know! It is a huge project for us that exports to many countries. 

Liveatheart is our festival we usually say, will be our third year and this year some are building a decent app as well. We have dealt with students from Örebro University who provided new functionality for this year's festival.

5 out of 7 projects are companies that are either ultimately started or younger than two years. Surely this is a positive trend?

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Coupon System - Stamp Card System - CCM

Do you own a store? Runs a company? Maybe the store manager? Residents of a city? Are you dealing with stamp cards? Do you lose them? Do you think unsuspected of that stamp card that had 5 stamps out of 6 that then disappeared?

Wiccon has given the benefit of building a stamp card and coupon system for a city center in Sweden. Our first city center, with about 350 stores, hundreds of thousands of residents will be able to download an app that collects all stores' stamp cards and offers. All store data and opening hours for the resort and information about all significant events gathered in one place.

You, as a store owner, manage everything in one system, accessible!

You, as a user, have everything in one app, easy!

To secure your stamped cards and more, you sync your phone with your email address, so it is easy to pick up if you change your phone, for example.

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Mobile Money Transfer

Mobile-Money-Transfer is something that is just so new, and it works so that the big telecom players down in Africa offer a kind of "Mobile Wallet" to their customers. For example, in Sweden, we have Swish or SEQR to pay at stores or give money to each other. In some parts of Africa, this is very widespread and a usual way to buy everything from clothes to food. Large parts of Africa have a very high share of their income through donations, mainly private individuals who receive money from relatives in other Western countries.

For the past 20 months, Wiccon has been working on just integrating mobile systems, it is far from everything we have done, but it is something worth highlighting a little extra. That changes the way people send money, above all, the way people receive money and how much transaction costs are involved. What we at Wiccon have been working on is to build the engine itself that connects regular card payment with recipients down in Africa. In short, you can say that you, as a customer, enter the phone number of a recipient in, for example, Somalia. If the phone number connected to "Mobile Wallet", then it is free to send money.

Simple, secure and traceable.

Wiccon is now looking for its next challenge, we are talking about the most challenging project imaginable and then gladly with big question marks in the middle.

Please note that we make quite ordinary web pages, of course, all our projects can not be that difficult and unknown.

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Internet Start-up - 4 tips

This one is for everyone, that is why I wrote it in english 

This post is about surviving as start-up on the internet. I will write this post directly to you my future friend and customer.

My name is Andreas, Mr. Wickberg to you ;), and I am the CEO of Wiccon, I have succeeded, I have failed, I have made money and I have lost money. Today I consult several venture capitalist companies regarding second opinion about their future (internet start-up) endeavors and also the everyday entrepreneurs seeking benefits from the Swedish government to start their businesses as a consultant.

First of all; we will not do the job for you. Yeah, I said it!

-When you approach organizations like venture capitalists or web- and system companies such as Wiccon and ask for our help it is really good if you know what you are talking about. Perform a market research, map the competition and if you invent something new. Describe in detail why this is the best invention ever. Describe it like the audience are retards! AND make a “fake commercial” or something similar so you fetch the attention and make everyone know just how awesome your service is on your first pitch. All question marks must be eliminated, this shows us that you are ready to work and that you know what you are doing. If you pitch an Idea without the specifics or the benefits, we won’t find them for you. If you are on your way and we find it interesting of course we will help you. But do your best first!

Second; people do business with people!

-It is you we are doing business with, not the future brand. You need to show us that you are a great leader and that whatever you are doing you will be successful. Be sure to specify what kind of education you have and how your previous experience is key to make this work. This is probably the reason why you invented this idea.

Third; what do you want help with?

-Often when it comes to building something on the web, the first step is to develop a demo or a first version of the program. A MVP (Minimum Viable Product) shows the future investors what you are trying to do. So, you have the idea, you have some money to invest and you need the first platform to show the investors. Please specify the exact functions which is key for your platform, the one, two or three things that makes it unique. Only develop these things, when they are done and the investors can see what you are up to they are more likely to invest. The investors will ask you what the money will go to and answers like “brush up the design” and “add the rest of the functionality” are often liked. These answers tell the investors that this is the beginning and that there is a plan.

Forth; brand value and benchmarking.

-So you got some money to start the company for real now, this is when the hard work really begins. You didn’t win because you got some capital, now it is time to start saving the money you just got, the money grants you runway. The strip of meters you get to get your idea up in the air. After 6-12 months the investors are going to want to know how their investment is going. If you don’t have paying customers and are out of runway… Needless to say, that is a bad sign. The value of your brand will be significantly lower and to keep striving forward you might have to give up more of your shares in order to get more money or runway from your investors.

Scratching the surface

So, this is just some words about what I have seen during my years in this business. Wiccon is a web- and systems development company with experience in start-ups. The start-up teams you see on TV is usually hired by the start-up, Wiccon is like that except we have our own office and we don’t move in to your garage. We also have some really awesome hardware, you don’t have to build a server room in your basement. During this start-up, we just make everything work so you can focus on your business! Wiccon has on several occasions helped young entrepreneurs to get their MVP’s going even though the budget has been a little short, we reckon that if we do this maybe one in five become a great success. That in turn is awesome for us.

Don’t hesitate, give us a call and let’s see if we can buy you a cup of coffee and see how your idea is the best one ever. And maybe, how it can attract some investors.

I am friendly, I promise.

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Are you curious?

W W W, you could guess that it has to do with the web? We have just started with TV advertising that goes out on TV3, the only question we want to ask is “ Have you seen the commercial and are curious?”

Subconsciously, or perhaps quite obviously, is that when you came here to Wiccon you just knew that we were working with web development or at least we were working with the web. A modem sound combined with three W does the trick.

So, Wiccon will obviously make you curious, but what should we do? Yes, do you have your own business? Are you buying web and system services for your employer, or are you on the best idea in the world you want to achieve? Wiccon is your best partner in all of these areas. Please provide your name and phone number and we will call you.

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Rumor has it

Does your business operate in the local market? Is there many people who do business within the company and different sellers communicate their own view of the company? There is a saying that says "You never become a prophet in your hometown." The explanation is that the rumor goes and "people talk", we usually say. -Take control of your brand instead, unless you decide on the brand, someone else will.

A simple trick that we regularly notice that companies put a surprising amount of energy into is by telling their website what values ​​you have, what vision you strive for and how you and your customers become successful. This should be communicated both externally and internally, there are many simple solutions for intranets today.

The first explanation we get is, "it's so difficult to update the website". The second is, "what to write that people like?". We usually say this: -It is difficult to update the website, we can help and build a new one that is simple and easy to update yourself. When it comes to what you should write, it should reflect what you actually do, what you stand for. Remember that external and internal marketing must match. Employees must feel that what the company communicates is what they actually do.

If you want to know more or check out these ideas with us, please feel free to contact us.

Wiccon Formula1

Örebro Race Day

Wiccon sponsored Örebro Race Day together with our pleasant customer, Tormek.

We were present with signs but also sites belonging to Wiccon. It was a lovely event, and we hope to have more of these kinds of significant games on Örebro's streets. 

We thank the organizer for supporting this event.

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Liveatheart and TransferGalaxy

Web and systems development is always the most interesting when you see the project go live and achieve its goals. Now we have two significant events, one is on the weekend when the Live at Heart festival launched, and in terms of data, 82,000 views distributed in 17,000 sessions within a few days. The downloaded materials are streaming music and high-resolution images.

Azure has worked well this year again, and we are satisfied with the train. The fact that the traffic peaks go above the cloud does not affect our regular server operation. Cheap in the long run directly.

TransferGalaxy has also gone live this weekend (2015.09). Their release TV aired on Saturday, and just before the show, it was officially that the system worked. Only before 2 pm, TransferGalaxy's platform used to transfer the first money to Somalia.

Many and almost everyone living in Sweden know what Swish is for something, TransferGalaxy is very similar but both for phones and for computers.

To send money: You, as a customer, simply enter the phone number of the person who will receive the funds after registering an account on TransferGalaxy. Then currencies play no more role, the money sent, and THREE (3) seconds later, the money was down in Somalia that receiver's account.

As you understand, security is up over the years, and a lot of different players around the world are developing in their direction. Wiccon's task was to build the network between all players and the system that keeps track of all accounts. Since there have been a lot of unique configurations, we also send a thank you to Digital Information in Örebro, who are specialists in servers and the security of those who were able to help with specialised security solutions during holiday times.

We love to build the system and especially to see them off and work!

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Enterprise Entry

During the spring (2015.07), Wiccon has helped most companies go live with new platforms while many are still developing. Over the past year, we have been with and supported and conducted 10 start-ups. Half of them are for the internet.

In the past year, we have two customers who will both go live in August / September with the newly formed company. Both are quality products in different fields. Our first job will be international remittances, and Bill Gates has long talked about how to build a better world and how essential services in developing countries don't work. Like a bank. Our client is one of the few participants in the market that has been approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to trade with individual countries. These countries do not allow remittances to Swedbank, Nordea, and SEB. Wiccon has built systems and integrations.

The other one we started with this fall will be working on a little more secret stuff so far. They have a splash out that describes that they will work with name tags and similar products. We have built a very complex solution that allows the end-user to choose and choose from materials. When the order is saved, single print files are created that will go through three separate machines. All manual steps that can be removed with systems have been removed.

At Wiccon, we love what we do. We love companies that start up and build useful things even more!

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Digital fingerprint

We have developed a smart little software. Although it is small, it has many uses, and opens up a new dimension for many applications and systems accessed by consumers. We keep unique fingerprints from consumers' devices. One area of use is that coupons disappear when redeemed. But how do I do this on a website that loads through a third-party application? No problem!

Our users do not log in, just run, no email or social media are involved. It is merely the unit itself, a combination of several variables. These are stored centrally. That means that a simple cleaning of cookies is not enough.

So who wants something like this?

IKEA's owner ordered this (2015.05). We tested the fingerprint in combination with coupons at 40 stores at one of their retail centers. Striking success!

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Together with Digital Information, Wiccon has developed matsajten.se, which is a new service in Sweden for trade- in large batches of food and restaurant machines. We see great potential in this service and look forward to seeing it grow over time. Both Wiccon and Digital Information are Örebro companies in system development, Wiccon has an edge regarding web development. Together we have complemented each other very well.

Wiccon has worked hard during April, with primarily the ad section on the page. We have three more news that will develop over the next two weeks. Wiccon has not had any influence on branding and graphic identity in this project from the beginning; we had supplemented these with new features that add before the site went live. We think the place is beautiful, and beautiful websites are our thing also that we rarely apply to design.

Go to MatSajten.se; we are one of two proud suppliers of the system. Surf around, see what you find, who knows; 400 kg moose steak may be just what you need?

It is, after all, May Day!

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New ref-cases

We have just launched new versions of our references that are more open and have the same structure. At the time of writing, we have 9 clear cases, which means some new cases have been added!

What do you think?

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Från Seed till Limpa

The years pass, Wiccon persists.

2014 was the most eventful, most challenging, and most exciting year since 2009 when I started my individual company.

We have supplemented our brand, and now we are working on our three slogans:

Personal - Professional - Playful

At present, this comes in handy as we are increasingly working with innovations, start-ups, and projects to take from "Seed to Limpa." In most cases, they talk about Ax to Limpa, but we are usually already at the SEED-capital level and are working and helping companies develop their business models. In short, they become more efficient through thoughtful systems long before they even started; that's why we think "Seeds to Limpa" fits better.

In short, it must be creative and daring to be a hero. We share who we are, our personality, playfulness, and, of course, all the knowledge we have accumulated over the years. 

It always gets good!

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1 Year

Yesterday Wiccon celebrated a year in its new organization. Now we will try to summarize how the year has been: We have got more big projects than ever, our developers have trained and obtained new certifications. We have a positive spiral within the company, we have received two 5-6 year contracts on consultancy services for newly started IT innovations. We have got 5 new partners with whom we work with everything from design, sales, technology to development. We have worked with two venture capital companies who consult with us regarding IT investments/innovations. Which we can later join and develop.

The conclusion does not sound like too much, but for us, it is fantastic.

Now we will give a little insight into two projects that we are working on, I wish I could share with many more, but they are secret at the moment before they go live.

First: We are building the web and systems behind for a new international mobile money transfer service. Our customers chose Wiccon over three other players; we asked why Wiccon chose, and they gave the answer that Wiccon was the ones who understood best what it was these people wanted to accomplish.

Others: One of our new partners strongly recommended us for a new IT start-up down in Gothenburg. We have all Web & System development for that customer now, and we have a 5-year contract for all further development. Wiccon again won against several other players for the same reason as the first project.

How many transactions did we lose against other players in 2015?

No new customers at all! (One if you count old customers from the previous organization.)

-VD Andreas Wickberg

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1000 people like us

As the headline suggests it has happened, it took a while, but now we are there. 1000 people, what should we celebrate?

Facebook is a good channel to use as an entrepreneur when it comes to reaching many people relatively quickly. There are many neat tools to help you as a company not only get your visitors to read what you want to share but also to visit your website regularly. (Read: buy from you.)

One part of our daily job is to help our clients' consumers to get back to our clients.

Example: You may have noticed that sometimes when you surf into a company and look at something, Facebook advertising pops up for precisely the product you were looking at ... Magic? Coincidence? Or is someone spying? Or merely a system that the company web agency set up for them?

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It's a ... thing

New year, new promises ... Last year's promises that we kept ... Type …

Exercise more, get better at something, learn a new language ... and we completed lots of projects after a large amount of training. Practice makes them perfect! Become better, doubtedly worth it, because we have certified developers and studied intensely. Let's not forget the project management within Wiccon, which took many steps during the year to be good.

As you can see, we are strengthening this because it is one of our new year's promises to ourselves, to better master project management of agile projects and to introduce our customers to how and why we work.

Last but not least, learn a new language ... No ... we fell when we are still working in .NET, C #, html5, css3, and javascript.

10 days ago, we started 4 projects at the same time, divided into a total of 9 developers, 1 project manager and 1 brand developer …

We want to take the opportunity to share our three keywords at Wiccon - "Personal - Professional - Playful,” which we hope permeates everything we write and especially appreciated by our customers.


Breakfast meetings

At Wiccon we have a network a lot, we talk to many different companies and keep our thumbs to make a good impression so that next time the companies need something that we can help with, they have a clean and clear picture of what we do and how we do it.

This morning, there was a meeting at Ricoh's IT partner that most people know or have heard. Ricoh sponsors typically significant sporting events. “I ended up at the same table as the head coach of Örebro Hockey”-Kent Johansson.

Obviously, you have a lot of questions because hockey is fun.

I should add that you are watching sports may know that it is difficult to find images/movies on this guy when he smiles. He is rarely happy.

As I wrote in the beginning, I hope when people hang out with someone from Wiccon, it is a positive memory, and if they need something that we can help with, then they know where we are.

We at Wiccon may not always do business when we are at meetings, but it seems that we make a good impression and make the most severe look happy.



Creativity is simply

Creativity is something that pumps in the minds of all developers. An innate belief that the problem is best solved.

A very ordinary Wednesday afternoon, a meatball sandwich, mulled wine with raisins and almonds, and some gingerbread over a quiet discussion in ... Christmas's first mulled wine, actually! Yes, where were we now ... It was a competition for whose paper airplanes of various models that would fly best. A little bit of grinding later, we had aircraft that flew straight for many many meters. Unfortunately, I (Andreas) did not win, so it will be a re-match :)...

OR ...worth a try; we invite any development company in Örebro to a duel! We've been training now, as you understand. The University is welcome too!

We can call it "Mad-meatball sandwich-ultimate-paper-airplane-developer-match" ... Or something that sounds worth winning?

You excuse the quality of the photo (mobile). In the picture, you see three participants who are very focused on winning.



Niklas Jonsson vs. OS - The site is LIVE

Wiccon delivered Niklas Jonsson's new website during autumn and slowly started to fill it with relevant and hopefully interesting information.

From the website:

Niklas started riding at age 5 on the pony, and later in adolescence, and he was with the National Team. As a 19-year-old, he had a magnificent and promising horse, which he, unfortunately, got rid of. But success gave Niklas wanting more, and he decided to focus firmly on the riding. Niklas sold off the racehorses he had left, and the money went to cover the breeding stones that were at home in the yard with good stallions. He went to Belgium for a year to work and gain more experience with horses and riding. Once at home, he decided that it was horses he wanted to work with. Then the job started to build a horse farm on Törsjö farm and start a training stall. In the beginning, the business was more focused on horse and rider training. Successively, the focus was directed more towards competition. In 2006 he got the international breakthrough and again became a rider for the Swedish national team with starts in WC and national jumps.

Go to the website and read more information about Niklas and his path to the elite.

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Safe handling in the cloud

New times require new systems

During the past year, we have developed, operated, and maintained a method for the Work Coach, which is primarily a provider of employment services. In recent years, the demands on the support professionals increased with the increased media coverage and more. The most obvious is the requirement for the services to be delivered and the tools to get/be used. Now we provide version 2.0.

We have previously talked warmly about how systems with simple means can complement activities and ensure up tasks and reduce administrative costs. The work coach delivers its services in several locations in Sweden and needs all positions to work the same. From a systems perspective, there are also high demands on document security, encrypted information, and small smart solutions when idle for too long. You must enter your password again.

The mission

We will have a cloud-based system that controls all your consultants, locations, participants, AF officers, reports, documents, procurements, and all meetings that conduct. All in safe storage.

Everything mentioned above, we have baked into a system built on MVC .NET with bootstrap in the front-end. An administration theme purchase online, neat and neat, of course. We at Wiccon programmed all the functions in order and baked in some "extra functionality" based on some agreements we have informed. We saw an opportunity to help the consultants with a task that took up too much time. We developed a presence control in the system, which will benefit both the operator and those who are looking for jobs to show with simple means that they were present and done their tasks. In this way, the administration for all involved is reduced. We also took the opportunity to make the system suitable for plates/mobiles as meetings may not always take place in front of a computer.

The result

We have a system that reminds the consultants to report, keep track of attendance and events and compiles everything into good looking documents. Headquarter loads easily set up their toolbox with all the information and materials by following. the Employment Service requirements of the true visual identity.

Finance: Managing an item anywhere usually costs a lot of work, 80% less than the old method of processing documents with mail and calendar solutions. If the consultant resigns or becomes ill, the substitute can quickly take over temporarily with limited rights to the participants in need. In the 2.0 version of the system, we will see enhanced controls, better appearance, digital state control, and better mobility.

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Practice for this season

Soon the spring term is here. Over the years, we at Wiccon have taken in students doing their internship, future systems developers doing their SUP-term (?) and for this term, we are taking applications for other fields within the academic field rather than just the traditional engineering/systems developer courses.

What have we learned from previous years in a small team that receives these young, aspiring talents? -Lots! ... The most important thing is to have a plan and implement it thoroughly, something we need to evaluate and refine each season. (Sometimes it can go to the forest too.)

This year we have put in a little extra effort, we have already started planning several fun projects against charities, non-profit organizations, and organizations that live primarily on government grants. 

Why do we do this? it takes time, costs money, and breaks focus? - No, the opposite. Where else would we find our future employees in a highly competitive market? We have to stay on our toes, and usually, these young talents come with new incredible knowledge. Maybe we learn something new. Especially now among those who are looking for other surrounding areas that can help strengthen the products we supply.

What we want to say is that if you study and apply for internships, ex-jobs, SUP, or projects in system development or the websphere, you should, of course, introduce yourself to Wiccon and see if next year is your year! Email: fatpenguin@wiccon.se

* Surrounding: finance, communication, sales, design.

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Promotion Boat

Sunday and Monday are the days of local networking. More than 1000 entrepreneurs go out on the sea and mingle, network, and run many short but effective meetings.

Wiccon attended the meeting and raised the banner of Web and system development. We soon noticed that we were almost alone in this role onboard. Otherwise, there will be many different companies of different sizes.

We have as much to write but to keep a long story short. We convey an essential point. Networking! It is fun, it breaks from everyday life, and if you do it right, then you will end doing business with your potential partners that you trust.

Umbraco Oktoberfest

Umbraco Conferences in Frankfurt 2014

Manny has chosen to write it in english due to the international audience visiting the Swedish version of this site.


It is very important for a developer to attend different programming events. Wiccon has always been very positive to gain and share the knowledge.

This kind of learning events have a very positive effect on developer’s knowledge and confidence.
I learn a lot from these events as you get the chance to talk and write the code together with other experienced developers and  you exchange the ideas to work smarter and more productive.

Last month I have had a chance to go to Frankfurt, Germany for a great Umbraco conference called “umbOktoberfest”, the biggest Umbraco conference in Germany organized by byte5.

It was a one day event and there were many good sessions based on lectures, demos and of course the best of all the coding sessions. Speakers were from England, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Germany. It was great to see different approaches to build complex websites on top of Umbraco.

Everyone at the conference was super friendly and sharing the ideas and the knowledge was at its best. And how can we forget to have fun when we learn hard the whole day, thanks to byte5 who arranged a tram party for the umbracians to enjoy the Frankfurt ride.

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Live at Heart - Start!

A website information from our company is helpful to set the content of the App.

We have expanded the scale of Azure hosting, attracting thousands of visitors to listen to music through the app and directly across the site. The app has been downloaded more than 1,000 times in the first 24 hours, and the page has 5,500 visitors a week with 30,500 views. Interestingly, it peaks for several hours every night. But Azure is able to provide a fast, smooth experience for everyone.

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7 seconds to catch attention from customers

We believe that all companies want to show off their best and, of course, give their customers a valuable and presentable first feeling after a visit. The truth is that if the initial contact made, it may be too late.

Statistics show that 90% of them had visited the website before they called and contacted companies. 

Younger people are taking up and working in purchasing departments. The same statistics show that these more budding talents actively avoid contacting the companies with old and un-updated websites. In other words, the conversation that would have taken place to make the first contact never taken as the person got a "bad feeling" of the website.

Get in touch and we will check your website, and try to find the next step for you before we meet with us. 


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Secret - Scchhhh!

A project - a little secret still not officially named.

We are working at Wiccon and love challenges. We like to help our customers do smarter business not only locally but even abroad. 

Over the course of a few weeks, we have developed a system aimed at transferring money quickly, easily, and cheaply between some 30 countries. The assignment includes financial operations, billing notes, API links, card payments, and several languages aimed at about 30 countries. It's so exciting when nothing was there when we started; it's a whole new system that we sketch from scratch.

Step 1: 

We sketch all the processes and make all levels of deliveries. We work with VisualStudio and modeling projects, which is easy for the customer to understand and oppose. When all methods from sender to receiver outlined, we map systems, SSL security, and, of course, assess what we want to work.

Step 2: 

We set up the project and work from two directions simultaneously. The first process is Mark-Up and design proposals that we have real-time interaction with the customer through an Agile working method. The other process is exclusively back-end MVC .NET and of course, the Umbraco.

Step 3:

And then we arrange back-end and front-end together. It's enjoyable when we have planned so thoroughly from the beginning to see how the project comes along just as we expected it. Which, I promise! It is something rare in most industries that provide services.

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The season begin with Tormek

The season begin with Tormek

Now the season for Wiccon starts. The season begins with Tormek and their new web as well as case management systems regarding customer support. We top it with an order for extended guarantee and registration of machines for their original owners.

The season continues with you:

Is it time to build a new website?

Is it time to manage systems and try to update them? - Review systems, do they work well?

Or streamline with new functionality.  Contact Wiccon, and we will help you to save money and earn more via the website.

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Live at Heart - Örebro

Live at heart is life. 

Live at Heart is Scandinavia's largest music event and festival, at least considering the number of bands on-site and concerts being played. We were assigned to take care of their new website, develop it,  and now maintain it.

We developed the website in .NET, we host Azure and have taken over the construction of an underlying system. The system intends to receive applications, manage artists and their accounts, manage venues, materials, who is responsible for what, and, of course, keep in pictures, music, and agreements.

Studio Solution developed the design in Örebro. We got templates that we later developed and expanded with animations. Of course, with a great understanding of the foundation, we got to stand on.

Visit the website at Liveatheart.se for more information about the festival.

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Card payments online

A long time ago, prehistoric time counted into IT time. I talked about dating back to 2009 when we helped Lifts get started with Certitrade as a card payment provider. We kept them for 5 years through organisational change, change of ownership, and server change.

That is a huge jump. We switched platforms completely and joined PayPal for Lifts, who just got a new and fresh WooCommerce underneath. When we sat down and pondered the collaboration with Certitrade through the significant changes that happened as 3D secure validation and stuff, they have always been at the forefront. When card fraudsters have tried to buy goods, we have received a personal call from those who flagged a selected transaction and warned us.

All this for a monthly fee of about SEK 200.

So when it comes to providers, card payments can be made online. This blog post is for lifting; Certitrade in Uppsala and Web development is moving forward, usage has shifted from desktop to mobile and soon mobile payments will take over more and more online just like they do at your local Willys or McDonalds. Systems and above all system development are moving forward, and it was not long ago that all orders were gray and dull. Today they can be gray and fun through gamification or stylish design and well thought out UX (User experience).

What exists and never, changes are transactions. Money from point A to point B, security has been increased, and the complexity of the transfers themselves has increased enormously. But again, without payment functions, our customers do not make money. If they can't make money over the Internet, the number of people who need our services will decrease.

So thank you to a great supplier like Certitrade, who has been working hard and staying alert!

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New Lifts are live on open source

Lifts sell shoes and soles that will last you longer. They have a product suitable for Converse and other flat models. These models are bad for the feet, and if children and young people use flat shoes, they can get joint and knee problems as they get old. Everything is solved with an insole of just under 2 cm, which simulates a proper sole.

Now we have done some advertising for attracting more customers, visit their website www.Lifts.se, and we have been working on developing this Wordpress, WooCommerce and stylish website.

Lifts traditionally work with few products, for instance, small warehouses and few items. So it is a challenge in itself to get available material. Fortunately, we have suitable stuff to work. Examples are a commercial that rolls in the background, clipped images in situations, and, of course, product photos from a real photographer.

Not only that, through Wiccon’s work, Lifts has reduced a series of high and, above all, unnecessary fixed costs.

Visit Lifts

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How can we go together during the summer and develop your projects?

We will have a vacation primarily during weeks 28, 29, and 30. During this time, we are, as usual, to get hold of, is the critical issue, we encourage you to call us. Otherwise, our general email address is support@wiccon.se.

If you need to have a project done in the short-term, as usual, we are the development SWAT team when it comes to rapid efforts, then call me directly-Andreas Wickberg.


Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is an online IT learning site. Their courses are divided into specializations for different professions, such as web developers and iOS developers. You go through the courses in specializations and unlock the more difficult parts as it passes through them. A session consists of videos, questions, and code problems to solve. When you are done with orientation, you are meant to feel you are enabled to work. 

Overview of the directions they offer.

It would be best if you had fun when you learn, it helps a lot, and in that spirit, they have created a jungle theme with a frog mascot and some cool props in their videos. The best thing, however, is that you collect points and medals when you manage things, which makes it addictive. We have an unofficial competition in the office.

In this industry, development is rapid. Sometimes things change fundamentally in just a few years, so it's essential to update your knowledge to provide customers with the best experience and secure products. The Treehouse team updates its materials regularly, so this is a great way to learn new things and stay current. 

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Realizing vision through gamification

Are there working methods or methods for working with vision daily, in addition to being constructive with its structure?

According to the Pareto principle, 80% of your results usually come from 20% of your efforts, while 80% of your efforts produce only 20% of your results. Out of all the tasks you have in a day is about 20% of the important contributions to the business.

Identify which tasks are the most important and which are the most valuable to the business and your colleagues. Then, spend 80% of your time on the significant 20%. As a result, you increase your productivity by 4 times, because you spend 4 times on essential things. Then use the remaining 20% of your time to make you and your employees happy.

That can, of course, be implemented both in the business and in private life. Feelings are also a major impact in building the shared vision, as well as strengthening communication. The words you and everyone else use to describe the experiences. They also create clarity and honesty in everyday conversation. It would help if you replaced weak and passive terms such as "Dislikes" with more loaded words that "detest or even hate." Similarly, you can increase your level of joy by replacing weak phrases with strong phrases, such as "I feel fantastic" instead of "I'm ok."

At Wiccon, we go into your business and analyse workflows, we put those flows into actual work tasks. We do this by your vision and mission so that we value pursuits according to your culture and approach to the market.

The purpose of this analysis, also known as the Discovery Phase, is to generate clear lines between productive pursuits, necessary pursuits, less significant pursuits, and unnecessary pursuits. We help your employees work with stronger motivation and be genuinely and measurably fantastic by creating systems that reward the individuals in their daily work when they make useful contributions that contribute to the organisation as a whole.

That is called gamification and aims to motivate users within your organisation to sell more, make more contacts, make more follow-ups, or produce more of what is most profitable for the organisation. Different factors are essential depending on what kind of service or product you sell. That gives not only the management but also all employees a good insight into how the organisation performs and how each individual contributes.

We now link back to our post, "the teaser" that we published last week. "To do the right things or to do things, right?" ... We say this, do both, and get black and white that that is the case.

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Vision with the right communication

"To do things right or to do the right things" is an expression from Peter Drucker. It represents two different ways of measuring efficiency. "Doing things right,” that with little effort and without resources to achieve a given result, is a matter of productivity, the ability that is the focus of the rationalisation work.

"Doing the right things" is another form of efficiency. What is right and wrong, significant and unimportant, is a question of values, and also what targets you have. The information that best contributes to the goals is more "correct" than the ones that provide less. This kind of efficiency is called quality. 

Umbraco Training

Umbraco - Education and Certification

Umbraco is a full content management system, also known as a CMS (Content Management System). It is open-source and with great flexibility. It is easy to run everything from small campaign pages to large complex applications.

I (Manny) have been working with Umbraco for 18 months now, and last month, we decided to apply for Umbraco certification. The reason was simple, and we want to be the best at what we do here at Wiccon and get a certificate that what we do is done correctly.

I participated in Umbraco Level 2 training in the second week of April in Stockholm. The Level 2 training is the most advanced for backend developers whose purpose is to give developers the latest knowledge of features, implementations, and integrations. Everything for us to be able to create attractive and unique websites/applications that impress. 

Participating in the training was fantastic as I was allowed to learn from an experienced Umbraco instructor who is active in the Umbraco community. It was also lovely to get to know other developers who were there to certify. After all, it is social and friendly to be there. We had to do a lot of practical exercises on site, which I thought was a big plus with education, in other words, much possible training. We coded a great deal and shared knowledge between each other, then between developers from a series of different companies of different sizes from different parts of Sweden. All for us as individuals at our own company to be able to produce organised structures more accessible and faster. (Easier and Cheaper for the customer.)

The training lasted for two whole days. The first day, we received all the material and review of all advanced concepts but also the tricks that are available in Umbraco. Everything to the maximum so we could finish our code-exercises in the best way.

The second day of training we had a similar schedule, and at the end of the day, we had an online exam to prove that we understood everything during the training and could apply it in reality. Although I worked with Umbraco for 1.5 years, I was a little nervous about the issues; I finally done, and below, you can see the picture during the examination. 

So, now I'm a Umbraco Certified developer, and I'm proud of it. Participating in the education was good, and we learned lots of new things. Best of all was that food and snacks were what you expected from a well-planned and well thought out event.


Vision-oriented workplace

It is imperative to link the company's vision and the daily work, ranging from a simple understanding of a sophisticated awareness of the full power of thought and action. The ability to think and work in broad terms, with the satisfaction and loyalty of customers as the goal is the key.

The strategic focus is the focus on the big ambition, a definition of the company's future direction.

We follow the customer-oriented process management strategies to deliver a product/service that exceeds customer expectations. It should be remembered that the customer is the most valuable asset for a company, and with that in mind, we work according to a vision based on several smart processes. These are easy to understand and grasp the whole team and the customer.

Viral marketing is something that is always welcomed. Isn't it right for your customers to recommend you to other target groups? Imagine, if you get better results than expected from your supplier, wouldn't you recommend that provider to others? Of course, you and this would be called to be an ambassador. The same goes for your customers, and if they are satisfied, they will become your ambassadors.

To achieve the vision of the utmost customer satisfaction must have an assignment for each task each day. To follow the customer-oriented process management strategy, continuous communication within the company, and to ensure that everything goes according to plan, we must also make continuous improvements.

That is certainly a broad subject that can be dealt with in books, but in short, a vision of a company is a large number of chores and tasks performed on daily to ensure the quality of your products and services.

Windows Azure

Cost-effective and straightforward web with Windows Azure

It is essential to design its operating solution correctly. You want to have enough resources to serve its site to all visitors quickly and reliably. But you do not want to overspend and pay too much. But how much is "enough"?

That is the great invention that goes under the name "cloud" comes in. In today's blog post, Windows Azure is taken as an example, but there are other vendors that have similar or similar services to offer.

Azure can rent virtual servers. You can also (simple or complex) Web solutions rented space, without having to deal with that sort of thing. The underlying operating system or database manager, which guarantees less launch/maintenance costs. It is also easy to adjust the power of the site with a few mouse clicks. And it fits in seconds. You can, if you want to schedule adjustments of the power or let it be self-adjusted based on measurements of the current utilization for the moment.

Payment on Azure is calculated per hour of utilization. It might not sound very instrumental if you consider that their sites will be up around the clock, such as year-round. But the fact is that many websites do not have their visitors spread evenly at all hours and seven days a week. And it is this combination of hourly rates and easy adjustment of the desired performance that comes in.

One possible simple scenario is that you schedule less power during evenings and weekends but increase during office hours. That is when your customers are active.

Or if your site should happen to be mentioned and linked by a large site while you are on the slopes or the golf course? No problem, the site recognises this and grows itself automatically when the number of visitors increases.

A third scenario is working on organising a more massive conference:

  • Before the meeting, the site will inform you about the schedule and receive notifications for six months.
  • During the conference, the site should support those attending and stream live video to those who follow the event from another location.
  • After the conference, information material and recorded seminars will be preserved for reference.

What does the traffic look like on this site? In all probability, it has been quite a bit of traffic during the information phase. During the conference itself, the pressure on the website is intense. Many want to join, even if they can not attend on the spot. After the conference, occasional visits to later access to the material.

Then it is good to run at half-speed during the information phase, but during the week the conference is going on, you are scaling out to use several servers to meet the intense need. After completion of the meeting can be downloaded on-quarter or half speed again.

It sounds useless, then you have signed a fixed 12-month contract, right?

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XFBall is here!

A lot of sweat and tears were devoted to a social floorball. We are proud to announce that XFBall.com has been released after almost a year of wear and tear! Wiccon was responsible for the design and code production for the project. When we say this is our most advanced project to date, we are not exaggerating.

We hope that the community will be a success so that we will have the opportunity to continue working on the project.

Wiccon tar Niklas Jonsson till OS i Rio 2016!

Wiccon takes Niklas Jonsson to the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Do you know who Niklas Jonsson is? Yes, Niklas is a fantastic horse-rider from Örebro and is successful in both Sweden and Europe.

But the process there was not noticeable. Since Niklas has not had the financial conditions for the sport, he has done everything from scratch. Built stables and riding horses as well as raised his horses, which he has since successfully trained over the years- everything to succeed in the sport. 

Around 30 years old, he accepted into the national team.

One year ago, a classic question popped up in his mind, as it always does like a sluggish racing person; should I feel satisfied now, or do I want to reach even higher goals? That's when he decided to reach to Rio for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

When Niklas needs all the support he can get to reach the sponsors required, Wiccon jumps in with a helping hand. We will help create the "Niklas Jonsson" brand and lift him into the Olympic squad. 

Will we succeed?

Good question, follow us on the journey by following our updates.

Recension på Macbooks iBend

Review of Macbooks iBend

Jonas asked to review the new feature of the Macbook Pro, iBend. iBend makes your  computer more flexible and means that it can fit in almost all cases. All you need to unlock feature is the most expensive version of Macbook Pro, as well as a car. Then just full speed ahead (backwards).

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Our new home on the website

Wiccon has undergone many changes recently, and this new site is a symbol of where we want to go and where we are going.

Several years ago, Wiccon had five employees and just as many business areas. It was like a teenager who didn't know what it was going to be when she grew up. Over the past several years, we have graduated, moved from home, and finally figured out what we want. We have decided that we want to create beautiful and functional things with the main focus on the website. It would be best if you did what you think is fun because that is what you will be best.

We are hiring!

Developers who are eager to start a business, have significant applications and influence all decisions.

Would working with fun startups inspire your impressions and play a key role? You can work in a team at the Örebro Centre for a great digital experience.

About the service

Wiccon's cutting-edge team at Örebro wants to scale up and is now looking for .NET Full-stack developers. Therefore, we are currently looking for someone who has years of experience in the industry and loves working in an open, welcoming work environment, which is dedicated and enterprising. Our team is efficient and currently relatively young, focusing on application development, system development, and product development. People work closely with customers, work enthusiastically, and create distinctive professional products, services, and digital experiences.

At Wiccon, we believe in the motivation and creativity of our employees. The same goes for customers who are always making suggestions for better solutions and further product development.

Wiccon works with different customer groups, ranging from games to financial systems to transportation and logistics, many of which focus on application development. In the process of cooperation, people at Wiccon usually complete their tasks wholeheartedly and efficiently. As time passes, our relationship with customers is getting closer and closer, and the cooperation projects are not limited to application development.

Who are you?

We are looking for you, past work experience with security solutions, and maybe international experience. You are receiving an academic education in development and programming, or you already have other knowledge.

That is an advantage if you use a hybrid application (such as Ionic or React) (of course, a native APP). Whether you have a professional or hobby about building systems, this is something you can show off to us.

You are fluent in Swedish and English in both speech and writing.

We are looking for someone who dares to try new things.

If you like "clean code," then you will enjoy yourself at Wiccon.

About the business

At Wiccon, we love our work. We help companies improve their business through website development and branding. The size of the project does not matter, and we are passionate. We work in an agile method, which means we always maintain a positive and healthy relationship with our customers. We do not follow recipes blindly. We break it down into various ingredients and add some spices to cook, not only what you want but also what you need.

Distinctive in recent years for Wiccon are 2 nominations for this year's digital innovation, of which 1 win. Of course, that is about our employees.

Urban Appelquist

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