Wiccon - Karriär


Are you Maverick from Top Gun? Welcome to our team! If not, we are always looking for other talented people. We want you to be passionate and enthusiastic about what you do. If you are looking for a place that values ​​you as a person and is open to new ways of doing things, Wiccon is the right place. Be open to ideas from others and be ready to both learn and teach to colleagues. These are values ​​we aim for. A CV is great, but we are admirers of real examples. You do not need to have a degree as rocket researcher or brain engineer, show and tell what you can do and why you belong with us. The door is always open.


So what is important at Wiccon? Well why don't you drop us a line and find out. And if by any chance you can't wait, we think that petting pets and laughing is important.




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Phone: +46-(0)10-33 000 66

Address: Oskarsparken 1

Zip code: 702 12 Örebro, Sweden

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