Senior Developer


Senior Developer

Plusius - financial institution, - a partner of Wiccon Invest, currently is recruiting a Senior Developer to join the team as the company grows into a large player within FinTech on a global scale. 

The applicant should be interested in working in a team and assisting other developers in their work through architectural design and code reviews. A good candidate would have 6+ years of experience in a Developer role.

The applicant should have 2 + years’ experience in at least one of these areas:

  1. Micro-service architecture
  2. FinTech System Design and Development
  3. Kubernetes
  4. .Net Core

Other experience which would be beneficial includes:

  1. Cloud experience with Azure
  2. .Net Framework
  3. Rabbit MQ
  4. ISTIO

At Plusius it is important that we maintain a high level of communication and a creative space to design, build and maintain our systems. The candidate would be expected to have the ability to take part in any or all of these phases.

The company offers remote working but expects an applicant to be able to attend the Örebro office in person when needed.


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Location: Örebro

Type: Full-time

Phone: +46-(0)10-33 000 66

Address: Oskarsparken 1

Zip code: 702 12 Örebro, Sweden